Colour Class
Amy tunnel

These classes are conducted outdoors on the main oval under lights.

  • Following progression from Beginners Class students will be allocated to a particular Colour Class by instructors.
  • 10-12 week semester 45 minute classes at all levels except for the most advanced group.
  • The structure of the Colour classes is ‘fluid’ and the number of classes offered depends on the demand from members. Each class works with a different instructor each week, focusing on a different topic and offered at the appropriate level for that particular class. In the tenth week, classes join together for a ‘fun night’ with a mini course incorporating some of the skills that have been previously worked in class and catering to the different levels of ability.
  • There is no particular handling ‘system’ taught but the emphasis is on teaching motion as a primary cue, training positional cues where appropriate and learning to see sequences as a series of ‘lines’ to be handled rather than individual obstacles.
  • In the beginning levels of these classes, we focus on ‘meat and potatoes’ handling but as students become more proficient with their handling, we gradually introduce different techniques and encourage them to try various things to find the ‘best’ handling for their particular team. We do not promote ‘cookie cutter’ approaches – ‘one size handling fits all!’
  • Most instructors at BAD have been trained in the One Mind Dogs handling system but as a club we focus more on the philosophy of this system rather than its stringent application. Most instructors attend seminars on a regular basis and are always looking at expanding the knowledge gained from different presenters and choosing what they believe is advantageous to pass on to students