Knox Agility 213-2

For those who wish to join BAD, the Foundation Class must be completed. Foundation Classes are run depending upon instructor availability.

All dogs new to agility must complete the Foundation class whether you are a BAD member or not.
Click here for further information about applying to BAD.

If you are an experienced handler with an experienced dog and would like to join BAD, PLEASE

For those new to agility or for those with new dogs:

-The minimum age is 12 months - this may be waived for experienced handlers who wish to start their young dogs/older puppies at the discretion of the training coordinator and class instructor.

-Class focuses on play, relationship building, reward structure, shaping techniques, proprioception exercises, contact foundation and flatwork.

-Most of the class may be done on lead but dogs must be ready to work off lead to move to the Beginners Class.